FinTech Features Friday Sept 19

Mapping the Payments Ecosystem: getting more complicated, but this chart from PayFirma helps a lot: 

From cash to check and credit cards to Bitcoin, the payments industry is always evolving the ways in which we offer and accept payment.

Today, more and more companies are taking advantage of the low barriers to enter the payments space and becoming players in the arena. Armed with new ways to facilitate payments, traditional payment businesses are now forced to keep up or clock out.   Payfirma develops online payment processing in the cloud

payments ecosystem

Using Big Data to automate pricing for supply and demand online: 

Pricence, an Israeli startup, which uses big data analysis to set prices for on-line retailers — automatically raising or lowering prices to maximize revenue, based on traffic, historical data, consumer behavior, and other factors — is the kind of company MasterCard is looking for, and recently won the 3rd annual MasterCard Israel Technology Award 

Fintech Investment Gets a Boost in Asia 

Fintech startups in Asia might see an influx of new cash in the coming years. Nova Founders Capital, an Asia-focused VC firm created by Rocket internet alumni Mads Faurholt-Jorgensen and Raphael Strauch, has announced it just received a US$50 million investment from Pacific Century Group, an investment company founded by Richard Li, son of Hong Kong’s Li Ka-Shing (aka “Asia’s richest man”).

“Fintech is the largest remaining internet frontier, presenting massive opportunities across Europe, Latin America, and Asia in particular,” says Faurholt-Jorgensen in an official statement. “We have so far identified twenty two billion dollar [sic] opportunities in financial services internet models worldwide. We have already begun work to build and invest in [the] first five of them. We firmly believe that the next tech superstars will come from the fintech industry.”